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Great experience, glad to hire these...

By: DarrenMS | March 18, 2015

I've had a few painters do work in my house over the years. Every time the experience was okay, but left me looking to hire someone else next time around. Sea to Sea is the first company that impressed me on every level and made me certain that next time I need painting I'd just call John back. The estimate was friendly and quick, and he gave me a quote on the spot. Painting was done exactly as stated and looked fantastic. Clean and organized, and the painters were positive non-smoking, friendly guys. Good job, thanks!

Sea To Sea Painting Services Ltd

8268 171A St, Surrey, BC

category: Painting - Contractors

Totally blew me off

By: non-member | March 8, 2015

Used their website's online email system to submit a request for a quote to repaint my house. Never received a reply. I have plans to repaint my entire house, first inside and then after winter the outside. Have to do it in a piecemeal right now considering my circumstances and I got totally blown off. Not even the decency to acknowledge my request for a quote. That is basic customer service 101. Probably because they thought I wasn't worth their time being just a house and they prefer bigger projects. Hmmm. I have a big house that means big cash. And still, common decency would dictate that you acknowledge a request and at least BS by saying something like "I am sorry but we are really booked. I can, however, recommend blah blah".

Cronin's Painting Ltd

1624 Jackson Avenue Saskatoon, SK

category: Painting - Contractors

worst paint ever!

By: Bree12 | February 27, 2015

I purchased the new "washable flat paint". I've now had it on my walls for about 4 months and it needs to be repainted. This paint is horrible and I told the painter I hired to never let anyone purchase it again. It was expensive but I thought the quality would be there so didn't mind paying the extra. I have no children and I never lean against my walls. If you accidentally touch the paint it will leave a white mark. A mark that can never be removed. You absolutely CAN NOT wash this paint unless you are okay with it having white streaks and looking horrible. I am very disappointed in this paint. I had to purchase the paint, pay the painter and take time out of my schedule to get this beautiful paint done. Now 4 months later it needs to be redone. I do not recommend anyone purchasing this paint. So so disappointed. Told the store how horrible it is and they showed me a small tester piece (maybe 4x4) that they had wiped. It was also a light color. Of course you will...


Color Your World

2795 Danforth Ave Toronto, ON

category: Painting - Retailers

Painting in Port Moody

By: RobJohnson | February 20, 2015

We hired Certapro Painters in Port Moody to pint the inside of out house this past January.

I cant say enough about the service and professionalism.

Our Sales rep, Karla was a pleasure to work with and gave us great advice on colours. Wade, our painter was fantastic through out the project.

I would recommend them to all of our friends and family.

CertaPro Painters of Tri-City and Maple Ridge

2810 Spring Street Unit A Port Moody, BC

category: Painting - Contractors

Be aware of the fine print with this...

By: sandra price | January 13, 2015

They are terrible to deal with when you have issues with your order.One of my orders was placed on hold without me being notified, even though there was a date to receive by for a upcoming trade show. IMPORTANT when you are ordering brochures the default is set to double sided( of course it is because it cost more) I sent in a one sided flyer and they doubled printed it and when contacted I was told too bad and she argued that the default was single sided. I had to ask her to go on the web site and check for herself and when she did she said oh yeah so it is. I wanted to speak with the manager Ian he just said too bad the problem is on your shoulders! Real nice service there guys! For all you people wanting printing go to a local because in the long run for the short cuts that's costing you extras will only add up to the same! I would not recommend this company to anyone. Very poor customer service.


335 Steelcase Rd East Markham, ON

category: Painting - Manufacturers

Thank You!

By: non-member | September 17, 2014

A Cut Above Painting did an amazing job on our exterior deck. This deck was peeling immensely due to the last painting company we hired the previous year who applied latex over oil!

They were on time, friendly, professional & extremely knowledgeable.

Have been and will continue to recommend.

Thank You!

Micheal & Julie

A Cut Above Painting

462 Hazeldean Kanata, ON

category: Painting - Contractors


By: anaconda | September 1, 2014

Warning!!!! This contractor not only does horrible work, When asked to fix his horrible work, he will tell you that you DONT have a warranty. Do not use this contractor for anything, he will shortly have numerous law suits pending and will soon be out of business as a result of them. John the owner has had numerous opportunities over more than a year to make right his poor workmanship. This company and its owner give honest contractors everywhere a bad name.

JMT Roof and Paint

New Westminster, BC

category: Painting - Contractors

student works painting has no...

By: badvlad | August 14, 2014

two young chaps that painted our house- great! management sucks big time!
the forewomen that we hired [got our contract] has not followed up on our complaints [which was the work she did on our front door!] & the office on dollarton has ignored us [for the past two patient months]. this is how NOT to run a company [students or not]!!!!!
we should have gone with college pro!!!!!!

Student Works Painting

1037 Broadway W #4 Vancouver, BC

category: Painting - Contractors

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